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We are a community of co-creators and contributors devoted to re-building the systems of care and support in the heart of Africa – the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This abundant land in natural resources and human potential has been depleted by natural and man-made disasters, wars and resource grabbing. We are building up the people who are building the future of peace and prosperity in the Congo and Africa.

Supporting and uplifting the Congo is vital to the future direction of the African continent, on whose development the future of the world pivots. We understand this causal link to global sustainability. We know that the true wealth is in developing people and true well-being in the re-building of human relations. We believe in the African values of ubuntu – our inter-dependent being, belonging and becoming and the collective spirit of regeneration. In that spirit, we are activating the power of giving and holding hands in action. We connect people, resources and organizations into a greater circle of humanity.

The future is ours to deliver – hand to hand, heart to heart. We invite you to land a hand in birthing of the new humanity – delivering the prodigy of us.

Be the agent of change as a donor, volunteer, ambassador and partner and see your contributions in action delivering practical miracles.

Prodige Hands has a systemic approach to re-generation by:

  1. Bringing medical relief and preventive care (basic medical treatments along with hygiene education and preventive care are a pressing need);
  2. Securing safe housing (shelter for basic safety and stability);
  3. Delivering learner-centered education (development of the whole human with value-based education coupled with the teaching of the most advanced technologies for social change);
  4. Promoting green economies and renewable energy sourcing (the realization of the UN ratified Sustainability Development Goals – SDGs is dependent on Africa turning to renewables. Africa stands most productive chance to leap-frog the industrialization errors of the “developed” countries and the environmental disasters they caused and lead the world into the new era of green, regenerative economy).

Sustainable Development Goals Chart

Prodige Hands are inspired and guided by the United Nations ratified Sustainable Development Goals. The 17 SDGs are global standards for the betterment of the universal human condition and have been adopted by the global civil community. SDGs serve as our guidelines and goals for addressing global challenges by applying ourselves to those issues locally.

Bringing medical relief & preventive care
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Delivering learner-centered education
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Securing safe housing
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Promoting green economies & renewable energy sourcing
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Founder & Executive Director

Founder & Executive Director: Kalonji G. K. Wa-Mulumba Kalonji G.K. Wa-Mulumba is the Founder and Executive Director of Prodige Hands. He is a community leader, educator, medical practitioner and social entrepreneur. In all his roles, he is driven by commitment to serving and uplifting humanity and devotion to children and their wellbeing.

He serves on the Executive Committee of the Congolese Community of Colorado, where he calls for greater involvement of the Congolese Americans in the US democratic processes as well as in the humanitarian support to his native Congo. With his cross-cultural and multilingual background, Kalonji is a proponent of human unity in diversity. His academic pursuits in political science and international relations strengthened his belief in democratic progress and socio-economic justice and his championing of the inherent dignity of every human being.

Kalonji teaches clinical nursing at the renowned Anschutz Medical Campus, University of Colorado College of Nursing. His human-centered approach is to develop nursing professionals with quality scientific knowledge coupled with empathetic sensibility – to develop heart-driven practitioners. Kalonji is highly aware that the increasingly digitalized world of automation will be in ever greater need of compassionate human care.

Kalonji G. K. Wa-MulumbaAs a clinician, he has over a decade of experience in patient care and supervision in the clinical setting. His expertise is in the trauma and critical care, where he applies his high level of compassion, composure and confidence in attending to his patients in most vulnerable state. With his patients and among his colleagues, he is known for his poise and reliability coupled with gentleness and reviving cheerfulness in the midst of grave conditions.

It is in the dire conditions in the Congo that he learned the value of dignified endurance during the years of turmoil he experienced. His greater vision, resolve and courage of conviction have led him to the US, where he built his career and his community. These are the values that he teaches his children and now wants to inspire in the children he treats in the hospital, youth he has been fostering in the Congo, students he teaches at the university, managers he brings on board his ventures and people in need he serves with Prodige Hands. To Kalonji, they can all be leaders in their lives demonstrating the power of aspiration by realizing their human potential.

Developing human potential by providing the necessities of healthcare, education and housing in the Congo is Kalonji’s way of giving back to his motherland only to have the heart of Africa rise to lead the new era of global sustainable development. In that transformational endeavor for our shared futures, he believes, we can all land a hand and demonstrate the prodigy of our humanity.

Why Choose Us

Visible Change

We document and track actual change on the ground in terms of the socio-economic wellbeing of the children and organizations for children that we serve. That track record is shared with our Prodige Hands community to inspire and improve our service. We share it forward with the communities we serve in order to empower advancement toward self-help and self-sufficiency – we show them that we accomplish together.

Your Impact

We share with you the results and accomplishments of the individuals and communities we serve to show you the extent to which your support can directly impact not only them but the greater ecosystem of human generosity. In the greater web of life, every act of giving and supporting counts and multiplies exponentially toward greater wellbeing of us all.

Most Trusted

It is with integrity that we are committed to an integral approach of creating foundations of support for each child and community we serve. We strive to activate the realization of their highest potential and trust that we will see them, in return, make contributions forward. We share a set of values not only among our team but also with the people we support in order to generate a cultural setting where mutual support is expected and understood as the fastest path to collective wellbeing and growth.

Lives Transformed

Our goal and aspiration is not only to address basic needs and bring immediate relief but also to support and uplift human spirit in order to engender a sense of confidence and capacity for growth with dignity.

Our Unique Model

We strive to empower the children we support in such a way that they become our best ambassadors and choose to join hands in paying forward so that we grow together exponentially. With effective training and innovative resources, we strive to jump-start support in communities to become self-sustaining economic ecosystems modeling sustainability practices for thriving.

Our Experience

We couple our advanced practical experiences in the medical field, education and business with a set of universal human values to offer holistic support. We empower the children we serve to become not only healthy but also wholesome individuals who will be transforming the reality of the Congo and Africa and participating in the global social change.


Charity Activity of the Year

Our primary focus this year is to bring immediate food, shelter and medical relief to the children in the Congo.



Food and Shelter for Orphans

We want to provide for the basic needs of the children in order to build conditions for their healthy growth.



Education in the Congo

In addition for the basic nourishment and care for their bodies, we want to provide nourishment for their eager minds in order to honor their fundamental need for learning and build the best aspects of their potential.


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