African values to re-vitalize the World

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Visible Change

We document and track actual change on the ground in terms of the socio-economic wellbeing of the children and organizations for children that we serve. That track record is shared with our Prodige Hands community to inspire and improve our service. We share it forward with the communities we serve in order to empower advancement toward self-help and self-sufficiency – we show them that we accomplish together.

Your Impact

We share with you the results and accomplishments of the individuals and communities we serve to show you the extent to which your support can directly impact not only them but the greater ecosystem of human generosity. In the greater web of life, every act of giving and supporting counts and multiplies exponentially toward greater wellbeing of us all.

Most Trusted

It is with integrity that we are committed to an integral approach of creating foundations of support for each child and community we serve. We strive to activate the realization of their highest potential and trust that we will see them, in return, make contributions forward. We share a set of values not only among our team but also with the people we support in order to generate a cultural setting where mutual support is expected and understood as the fastest path to collective wellbeing and growth.

Lives Transformed

Our goal and aspiration is not only to address basic needs and bring immediate relief but also to support and uplift human spirit in order to engender a sense of confidence and capacity for growth with dignity.

Our Unique Model

We strive to empower the children we support in such a way that they become our best ambassadors and choose to join hands in paying forward so that we grow together exponentially. With effective training and innovative resources, we strive to jump-start support in communities to become self-sustaining economic ecosystems modeling sustainability practices for thriving.

Our Experience

We couple our advanced practical experiences in the medical field, education and business with a set of universal human values to offer holistic support. We empower the children we serve to become not only healthy but also wholesome individuals who will be transforming the reality of the Congo and Africa and participating in the global social change.